A Rainy Day

Yesterday was a rainy day.  Mom and dad had to go to Treviso to sign some immigration papers for the government. Isaac and Ember went with them, while Esther, Cassandra and I babysat the little kids.  

I babysat the the little kids while the other kids did their school work. Joe was tired so he just wanted lay down and watch Bob the Builder. While Joe was resting Susie,Laura, and I played red light green light and some other games.

Esther and Cassandra made lunch.  They made noodles,bread,cheese,apples and carrots.  They had some peanut butter cookies baking in the oven, they were almost done when the power went out, so they just let them toast in the oven. After we were done eating lunch It was Esther’s turn to babysit    

We got ALL the blankets and pillows in the house and pushed the couches together to make a huge fort! We played for a long time. Then we turned our fort into a huge nest. We were about to pretend we were birds when Cassandra called us into the kitchen.  The cookies were ready!  We each got two cookies. They we really tasty! After we ate our cookies we went back to playing birds in our nest. It was almost dinner time when mom and dad came home. Me and mom made dinner, and dad figured out how to turn the power back on.  After cleaning the house and playing with Esther’s new camera we all brushed our teeth and went to bed. 


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Birthday shopping at the Wednesday market!

Tomorrow is my little sister Naomi’s birthday! So today we went birthday shopping at the Wednesday market.  Every Wednesday our town has a big market that sells cloths, food, goldfish,makeup,silverware, almost anything!  So my mom ask my dad to take Naomi on a daddy daughter date so they went to Venice together. My mom and the rest of the kids went to the market on our way there I saw some of my favorite shampoo 50% OFF!  I wanted to buy some, but mom said to buy it on the way back from the market.  I liked this one booth that had lots of random stuff for just 1$.  I bought a cake decorating set and some strawberry lip gloss! On our way back we went in the store to buy the shampoo and the checkout ladys asked our names so we told our names to them and turns out both of there names were ANNA too! How funny is that?  So I got naomi some other cool stuff too!

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Stopping by a Castle… on the Way to IKEA

Anna Blog CF 2Anna Blog CF 3

That’s a real moat behind me.

Behind the mote is a castle. Behind the castle is a village.

The Adventure:

The last day of 2012 was a bright and sunny day. Our new baby was two weeks old and mom thought it was a good day for adventure.  Five of us wanted to go sightseeing and five of us wanted to go shopping, and the baby… well she just wanted to eat, sleep, and poop!  We decided to take a train to IKEA, a big store that sells lamps,beds,pillows,furniture and much, much more.  On our way there we had to run to the train station (because we have no car here in italy).  We got to the station just in time to catch the train! We were also thinking about going to Castle Franco, an old walled city that surrounds an ancient village. So on the way to IKEA we stopped at Castle Franco.  On our walk to the village we took lots of pictures of amazing old buildings, pigeons and doorknobs.

When we got to the village there was a little outdoor market going on in the town center. We all ate some apples that dad bought at a fruit stand. They were some of the best apples I ever tasted!

We went to a small grocery store where dad got some lunch for us all. We were looking for a place to eat when dad saw a fish market, mom and most of the kids did not want to go in because it smelled so bad! So me,dad and Rachel went in. It smelled so gross! They had dead fish with the eye balls and all!  They also had crabs, squid, octopus,clams,lobsters and all kinds of gross stuff!  I almost fainted it smelled so bad! YUCK! We finally left after dad looked around for a while.

We found a good spot to eat our lunch on the stone bridge at the entrance of the castle. The food was really good!  We ate ham sandwiches,chips,popcorn,cookies and cheese.

We got back on the train after a few hours to go to IKEA. The train brought us to a city called Padova. Next we got on a bus, after a while we realized we were on the wrong bus!  But we eventually got on the on the right one! The bus had handles hanging from the ceiling,  Esther and I got a little crazy, but we we were just practicing gymnastics! Mom got mad and made us hold on to the yellow bar instead. 😦

When we got to IKEA it was about to close and had shop quickly.  Each kid had 20 euros to spend.  I bought a lamp, bed desk, and a pillow. Esther bought a pillow and lamp,and all the little kids got huge stuffed animals.  Mom warned us not to buy more then we can carry, Ha! Ha!  We should of taken her advice! You should have seen us on the buses and trains lugging 7 big bags of stuff, along with nine fussy, whiny, tired kids… well actually only 8 of the kids were fussy-  I was a perfect angle! 😀 We finally got home just in time to go to the New Years Eve party at church! We stayed till 12:00 midnight. When I got home I was so tired!  I went right to bed! (the end)

Anna Blog CF 4

Anna Blog CF 1

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Thinking about life and stuff – At the Downtown Cafe

Anna at the cafe

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That’s Me in the Middle

That's Me in the Middle

That’s me in the middle. All those other people are part of my great big family. We are at the train station in Montebelluna, Italy. Ready for adventure!

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